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Want to know more about how we can best support you with your NDIS Plan?

Feel free to contact one of our friendly and experienced Team Members who will be happy to walk you through your NDIS Plan to help you find the right support for you! 


Here at Raven Community Care, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible care whilst matching the most appropriate support worker to meet your needs. All our staff are qualified and experienced and undergo a strict background check prior to commencing their role as a support worker.    

Core Supports help you with everyday activities, your current disability-related needs and to work towards your goals.

This includes, 

  • Assistance with Social & Community Participation. 

  • Assistance with Daily Life.

  • Mentoring Services.  

  • Household Assistance.

  • Personal Care Assistance.

  • Assistance with preparing meals. 

Capacity Building will allow you to access flexible, understanding and personalised care to ensure you can achieve your goals.

 This includes,

  •  Assistance with Cleaning your home.

  • Assistance with preparing meals. 

  • Managing personal care.

  • Support with grocery shopping.

  • Assistance with Social & Community Participation.

  • Social skills and confidence building (I.e. Group activities with your peers)

Supported independent living is one type of support to help you live in your home. It includes help or supervision with daily tasks, like personal care, cleaning or cooking meals. It helps you live as independently as possible, while building your skills. Supported independent living is for people with higher support needs, who need some level of help at home all the time. We also offer STA, MTA and Respite Support. 

Support Coordination means we help you identify, coordinate and access support services and disability services providers on your behalf. Our Support Coordinators have over 10 years of experience working as Case Managers within the Community Services Sector.

Skill Set: 

  • Coordination of Supports

  • Referrals and Advocacy 

  •  Collaboration and Empathic

  • Proactive and Organised 

  • Knowledgeable and Educated

We are a Registered WDO Provider  

What does this mean?
If you know of a young person or Adult with unpaid fines, and willing to engage in our Mentoring service (NDIS funded), We would be able to clear their fines with a Work and Development Order (WDO) just by engaging in our mentoring services.

✅Acute economic hardship
✅Mental illness
✅Intellectual Disability or Cognitive Impairment
✅Serious addiction to Alcohol or Volatile Substances.

Reach out to the team for further information.


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Who Can Access our Supports? 

Raven Community Care provides support to any individual who has a permanent and/or is diagnosed with a disability. 

Our experienced team provides an extensive range of support under the NDIS. At Raven Community Care we focus on your skills and strengths, rather than the things you aren’t able to do. Using this base, we work with you to find ways to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

What to expect from Raven Community Care,

  • Experienced and trained support workers.

  • Consistent and friendly support workers.

  • Access to an extensive range of NDIS supports.

  • Support is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

  • Over 10 years of experience delivering support services to the most vulnerable communities. 

To access Raven Community Care's support, you will need to have a current NDIS plan.

If you or someone you know has a disability and requires support filling out an NDIS application, please let us know and we will be happy to support you with this process. 

M: 0405 554 252 


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Our Values

Raven Community Care is committed to ensuring that service delivery and engagement with our Participants reflect the following values.





Raven Community Care is proud to be partnered with 'Budding Resilience Therapies'. 

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