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Voluntary Aftercare Supports for Young People transitioning out of OOHC

Raven Community Care provides young people turning 18 years of age, with voluntary aftercare support to ensure they have the best possible support throughout their transition into adulthood. We support young people to access their funds within their aftercare financial plans while also advocating and supporting young people with any additional funds they could be eligible for from the Department of Community and Justice (DCJ). Furthermore, we also provide Housing and Centrelink support for young people (as required).

Eligibility: Young people wanting to access this service will need to be accessing support from Ravan Community Care through their NDIS plan. This could mean Raven Community Care providing an eligible participant with Assistance with Social and Community Participation, Assistance with Daily Life, or Support through SIL (Supported Independent Living). 


For more information, please contact us directly or send us an email with your inquiry.  

M: 0405 554 252 


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