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We offer support to newly released offenders as part of our Criminal Justice Program

Raven Community Care provides support for newly released offenders as part of the Criminal Justice Program. At Raven Community Care we understand that Individuals being released from adult custody is an overwhelming transition back into the community, especially for those who are diagnosed with a disability. Unfortunately, research shows only 79% of inmates are first diagnosed in prison with an intellectual disability, with no prior knowledge that they had this disability. Once released, offenders who are diagnosed with an intellectual disability receive support for the first time.


Raven Community Care's Criminal Justice Program aims to bridge the gap and support offenders diagnosed with a disability to reintegrate back into the community. Through extensive experience, the team can support offenders with the following,


  • Community Participation 

  • Housing and Centrelink 

  • Advocacy 

  • Employment

  • Trustee and Guardianship 

  • Accessing a range of other Support Services (E.g., Grocery, and Billing Vouchers)

Eligibility: If you are a Professional, Friend, or Family member wanting to refer an offender with a disability who is in the process of being released back into the community. Please contact us directly via email or phone to discuss the support required for this individual. 


If the offender does not have an NDIS plan, we at Raven have a team of professionals who are experienced and willing to support the offender to fill out an NDIS application. 

For more information, please contact us directly or send us an email with your inquiry.  

M: 0405 55 4252


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